Discover Iran
Discover Iran

what is the visoin? reveal the realities of Iran to the world, break the stereotypes about Iran and decrease language and cultural barriers What are the goal of Discover Iran? sustainablity for at least 5 years (and each year for 2 or 3 rounds) gathering one of the most complete travel logs about iran in at least 14 different languages Providing the opportunity for 120 foreign interns to visit the country during the 5 years being joint with at least 2 international tourism and/or ecotourism associations visit unknown places and try to get in touch with local ppl as much as possible and try to have impact on them without disturbing each round publish projects news in national and international media so that others can be aware of the realitis


Gaioz Chavchavadze - Georgia - gaioz.chacchavadze@gmail.com

Jiayi Zhang - China - Email:arielmiss.aiesec@gmail.com

Julia Elias - Belgium - Email :julia.elias@hotmail.be

Dilara Deniz KÜNİ - Turkey - dilaradenizkuni@gmail.com


Fanavari Kahroba - IRAN - fanavari.kahroba@gmail.com