East azarbayjan


Kandovan is an impressive village carved out of rocks. It’s 1 hour car riding far from Tabriz City Center. It’s a natural piece of art. This photogenic settlement resembles the union of stone ice-cream cones.

On weekends, it’s not advisable to drive the car until the village, since finding a park place might be difficult. You can park your car in the parking lot, which is 300 meters far from the village. And you can walk to the village. When going up the stairs between the caves you will see lots of local markets selling local products, such as handmade bags, clothes and souvenirs. If you get tired on the way, you can take a break in one of these caves, which is cold inside of, and drink ayran (a traditional drinking made of yogurt, water and salt).

When you reach the top of the stairs, a splendid view will be waiting for you. As for the geographical features of it, these caves are created by humans to live. The reason that they chose this area for living is that there is a little river beside it.

So, if you come to Iran, don’t forget to add this attraction into your schedule. You will be spelled by the magic of this village.