Tabriz is a city located in North-West Iran, 620 km far from Tehran. It is 5th biggest cities of Iran, estimate population is around 1 600 000, compering to other big cities like Teheran, Karaj etc. Tabriz is less crowded and it is outstanding for its whether, that is the reason why this city wasnamed Tabriz, in Persian “tab” means fever and “riz” means reduce. This city is surrounded by red mountains and permanent cool winds create ideal surroundings for evening walks.

Tabrizis very important historically, it was capital four times, during different dynasties of Iran, and lastly Tabriz was capital in Safavid period until 1555. However during Qajars It was residence of Iranian Crown Prince till 1925.

The importance of the city is a reason of creation numerous sights which are located in Tabriz and its surroundings.

Ark Alishah
Azerbayjan Museum
Blue Mosque
Tabriz Bazaar