Hamedan province, covering an area of 19491 square kilometers, is in the west part of Iran. It consists of 9 townships, 24 cities, 22 districts, 72 rural regions and 1122 villages.

This province and its civilization is one of the historically richest parts of Iran. During the Parthian era, Hamedan became the summer capital and residence of the Parthian rulers. It is worth mentioning that because of enough rainfall, we can see different climates and great progress in agriculture and animal husbandry in various parts.

The city of Hamedan is the centre of the province and is 337km from Tehran. Alvand mountain is located on the southeastern side of Hamedan and is the highest peak of this area with an altitude of 3584m above the sea level.

Alavain Dome
Avicenna (ebn-e Sina) Mausoleum
Baba Taher Mausoleum
Esther&mordecial Tomb
Hegmataneh Museum