After a while driving along spiral roads between Zagross Mountains, you�ll reach Karafto Cave. This cave adresses to both people who like natural beauty and historical places. When you climb the 4 four-folded cave, a splendid Zagros Mountain view will be waiting for you. Beside natural beauty, the thing that could attract you to this cave is the thousands years of human residence in it. It had hosted residents from three different periods: Prehistorical, Historical and the Islamic period.Various life styles of different times turned Karaftoo into a tourist attraction. You can see some carved pictures on the walls remained from the stone age and some parts which had been functioned as a house during the Islamic Period.

The main path inside of the whole cave is about 750 meters and there lots of subpaths connected to the mainpath. You won�t have any problem in the cave in terms of lightening, since it is lightened well by the light bulbs.

P.S: the admission ticket price for foreigners is 150.000 iranian riyal.