Hamdullah Mostofi Tomb

Hamdullah Mostofi Tomb

Located on Taleghani street, the building belongs to the era of Il-Khani dynasty. It has a cone-like tower made of blue bricks and its area is about 280 sq m. At the entrance of the tomb there is an arabic sentence saying �There is no God except Allah, the righteous one and Mohammad is the prophet of Allah, an honest person�. The building inside is decorated with blue tiles made of gemstones of Firoozeh. There are plenty of columns, under the base of which the surah of Ensan is carved. The architecture of the construction is in the style of Il-Khani.

Hamdullah Mostofi was a poet, a historian and a great author who lived in the 13th century A.D. He was from the Mostofi family of Qazvin who were historical governors of this city. He was a close friend of Khajeh Rashiduldin Fazlullah and was a secretary in the royal family of Il-Khani. He was born in 1250 and died in 1320 A.D.

This place, located out of the noisier center streets, is an interesting edifice to visit, creating a peaceful break in a day of visiting Qazvin.