This city, located 2 hours away from Tehran, is a great base point to visit the Alamut valley, but also has in itself several interesting attractions, such as mosques, shrines, churches and museums. Qazvin was founded in the 3rd century A.D. by the king Shapur I. In the 6th century it became the Persian capital after Tabriz. Most of the sights can be visited in a one-day trip from Tehran, even if spending more time wandering across the bazaar and the streets could be enjoyable.

Ali Qapu
Bazaar-e Vazim&mosque
Char Anbia Shrine
Chehel Sotun
Hamdullah Mostofi Tomb
Imamzadeh - Hossein
Kantur Church
Nabi Mosque
Qajar Anthropology Museum
Qazvin Museum