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Lake Orumiyeh (urmia)

Lake Orumiyeh (urmia)

When going from Tabriz to Orumiyeh city (or the opposite way), the shortest way is to take the road crossing the lake Orumiyeh or Urmia, a huge salty lake covering an area of 6000 sq km. This is the third biggest saltwater lake in the world and the largest in Iran. This lake is an area protected as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve.

Sadly there is not so much water left in it, and the maximum depth only reach some 16 meters in some places. This increasing dryness is due to a big river previously feeding the lake now diverted to provide water to Tabriz inhabitants.

But there is still some form of life in Orumiyeh lake, and you can still hope to see different species of mammals, reptiles and birds, among which flamingos, migrating during the spring and on their way stopping in this lake, attracted by the primitive worms still living in there.

Despite the lack of water, this lake is still a must-see in the region, and by crossing it you can see a patchwork of blue and white, of water and salt figures drawn arbitrarily and beautifully reflecting anything passing above it. it is the ideal place to take pictures of you, where the thin layer of water reach the similarly blue skies and you seem like floating in the air with no ground under yourself.

Other parts of the lake may have different colors, from the sandy yellow to greener coasts. In the night, when the moon -especially when full- shines above Orumiyeh, wandering on the white salt reflecting the bright moon can be really enjoyable, and again some great pictures can be taken.